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What is Storz?
Storz are Acoustic Wave Therapy (sound waves) that are introduced into the patient's body in the form of high-frequency oscillations. Storz are the first effective and long-lasting treatment modality for cellulite stage I to III. The results of Storz are improved firmness and restored natural elasticity of the skin and connective tissue along with a visible and long-lasting improvement in skin texture.

* anti-cellulite therapy (stage I - III)
* elimination of lymphatic congestion
* muscle and connective tissue tightening
* circumference reduction/slimming effect

Multilevel effects
1. Skin: skin tightening, better skin structure and contour.
2. Fatty tissue: increased blood flow, activation of metabolism, stimulation of lipolysis.
3. Connective tissue: tightening and activation.
4. Lymphatic system: drainage.
5. Muscle: normalization of tonicity.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?
AWT is used medically to disintegrate kidney stones, & is now used cosmetically to break up fat.
Revolutionary advances in cellulite treatment . It uses the pressure waves to break up the fat . Pressure waves correct the connective tissue and release the dimples, by relaxing the connective tissue & strengthening it, producing a smoother surface. AWT also helps to thicken the dermis, decreasing fat protrusion.

Effects on the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue
Oscillating acoustic waves are introduced into the body. The connective tissue relaxes, and the firmness of the epidermis increases. Blood circulation in the tissue is significantly enhanced. Collagen production is stimulated, strengthening the dermis and epidermis. The main objective of Acoustic Wave Treatment is to induce tightening and neoformation of connective tissue to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of the affected skin.

clinical results
* Improvement in skin texture
* Improvement in skin elasticity
* Skin tightening
* Inch loss

Will it tone up the muscles as well?

Yes, similar to power plates, the vibration of the pressure waves against the skin, cause muscles to tone up, so clients can get both a smoother skin appearance as well as more toned thighs.

What's the treatment like?
Gentle pressure waves pass through the skin and fat to impact the fibrous septa, causing a break up of the collagen of the septa and releasing the skin to produce a smoother surface.

How long dose a treatment take?
The procedure takes about a 15-30 minutes for a typical thigh & buttock area. Extra time can be allocated for extra areas such as arms or abdomen.

Does it hurt?
No , it dose not hurt . The treatments are very tolerable with only very mild discomfort caused by the pulsation.You will feel gentle pressure and pummeling on the skin .
How man sessions required?
6 -10 sessions are required. Treatments are recommended twice a week.

How often are maintenance session's required ?
Maintenance treatments consist of one treatment every three months.

How long does Storz last?
Treatments are given twice a week for five weeks. . Maintenance therapy consists of one treatment every three months.

What areas are suitable for treatment ?

The procedure can be performed on the thighs, buttocks and arms .In some cases the stomach can be treated, so long as there iscellulite present. It is not for fat reduction on the abdomen.

treatment areas:
* Thighs
* Gluteal region
* Upper arm
* Stomach

Dose it give inch loss ?
In many cases clients have reported good inch loss, but this is not always the case, as it primarily works on cellulite.

Are there any risks or side effects?
Side effects are minimal. Redness may occur temporarily at the treated area as a result of pressure waves.

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