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What are the services provided at BLC?

Established in 1991, BLC is the body and skin laser center of renowned experience. Our services provide the latest technologies, proven to be very safe and able to solve your problems at their roots. Our goal is to be able to deliver your expectations. Besides we are the only Laser Liposuction Center that gives you no trauma, almost no scarring, and you can resume work after approximately two days.

What kind of treatments would BLC take to cure the premature facial problem?

BLC usually use IPL and Mesotherapy technique together with Vitamin facial nourishing cream such as whitening or vitamin C. The most imporatnat is sun block cream as the sunlight is the cause of the premature problem.

How does BLC treat wrinkles?

Aging is the main cause of all wrinkles. There are 4 treatments that we would like to suggest:

Clear & Brilliant: Fractional laser to improve texture, making the skin clearer and smoother.
Ematix: Tiny Matrix dots to smooth lines, wrinkles and acne scars.
Portrait: Portrait is a technology clinically proven to stimulate a natural regenerative process of the skin. It is the first to use plasma energy and represents a dramatic leap forward in the science of beauty. Plasma makes it possible to address the unmet demand for significant improvement to the skin with predictable and manageable recovery time and little to no risk of complications.
Botox: Wrinkles normally are caused by the repetitive tensing of facial muscles. Botox is composed of a natural, purified protein. When injected into specific facial muscles, wrinkle-causing muscles are relaxed to reduce dynamic lines and create a younger, softer, and natural-looking appearance.

What approach would BLC advise to treat pockets of fat on various parts of the body?

There are 2 successful approaches that we would like to suggest:

Body Tite: always with local anesthesia, it tightens the skin from collagen production where radiofrequency is used. It melts the fat; little trauma, almost no scarring; resume work after approximately two days.
Cool Sculpting: A non invasive single treatment to reduce fat, (freeze your fat away by machine 2 areas / 1 hour)
Lipo Lift: is a superior non-surgical anti-cellulite formulation. Designed to speed up fat oxidation in adipocytes (fat cells) and promote fatty tissue breakdown, it further has the effect of suppressing appetite and promoting capillary action to improve elimination of toxins.

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