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Khun Linda
It's now nearly one year since I had CoolSculpting done on my back and I must say that I am very happy with the results. At the time,the Doctor was very sincere and said that I could achieve about 30% improvement with each treatment, so I didn't expect a perfect result but surprisingly I am overwhelmed and pleased with the procedure and the results achieved.

The very efficient and caring service is the best I've ever found, I would recommend Bangkok Laser Clinic's expertise and very professional attitude to anyone seeking laser and beauty treatment.
July 2011
I have visited and done some procedures at Bangkok Laser Surgery. Comment:

Over all Very good!I have started by contacting BLC via e mail and very promptly obtained excellent replies to all my questions and at all times. It is to note, that also follow up questions are well replied and in a very professional way handled.

This initial most positive contact convinced me to visit BLC but also to proceed with some treatment. Staff Very friendly and polite, highly trained and always there to assist and help!

From the administrative people to the medical personnel everybody is very friendly, most pleasant and alert to assist at all times. Excellent comments whenever asked and never "tired" to answer any question one may have. Such excellent customer attitude is simply amazing!

Dr Setthakarn Meeting this doctor is a real pleasure! He listens to people and because of that his answers and comments are very specific and of excellent use. At all times he proved to have patience to explain and if necessary to check and/or to double check. He even consults with his staff which is remarkable and shows that Dr Setthakarn is very down to earth and highly respectful to other people. Such behavior gives full trust but also shows what a great professional Dr Setthakarn is. He is a straight forward, friendly and a very polite man who will not create any difficulty to obtain the fastest and best possible results.

Treatment The medical personnel and the doctor proved to be a great team! At all times very smooth, highly efficient and in a very easy going, down to earth way which created a very relaxed atmosphere. Very pleasant as it assures minimal stress to a patient.

Hygiene Excellent! Such is highly important with no doubt. It ensures no complication arises but also the long term positive effect.

Clean and very well maintained but also of newest standards of what today's medical technology can offer. It ensures best results and therefore is of great importance.

Pricing is very competitive!A very transparent approach in regards to procedures and its prices is given at all times. During the consultation the various options are very well explained and pricing is offered and well explained. One clearly can note, that the aim is not to maximize revenue at any cost but to maximize the customer/patient satisfaction.

Personal note I very much recommend this clinic!It is because of my high satisfaction that I have decided to write this testimonial and hope it can be of good use when comparing the various clinics in Bangkok and in Thailand. One knows how difficult such comparison can be but also how important to find not just a "good one" but a doctor who cares and is a great professional.
Stevie Jenkins
Expat. Bangkok. Thailand
I would like to thank the staff and Doctor Setthakarn at The Bangkok Laser Surgery for the care and attention they have offered me.

After a year of trauma and sadness that had more than left its mark on my face, I decided to seek help. I visited the Clinic, and was met with compassion, kindness and understanding. A course of treatment was decided upon, and now I feel that I am able to face the World once again. You have given me my confidence back.

The staffs at the Clinic are just lovely, they always welcome me with a smile and the traditional Sawadee Kha', making me feels very special.

Doctor Setthakarn always explained in great detail the procedures he was planning to do and the staff who looked after me always took the utmost care of my comfort. I would not hesitate to recommend any foreigner' or Asian to their Clinic. I am more than satisfied with my results. Thank you very much indeed.!!
I am sorry I have not said thank you earlier for your excellent service. I will do everything I can to promote you and your excellent service. You have a lovely family, an extremely well organized clinic and very comforting staff. Take good care and I know we will meet again.

Thank you
Yours truly
David Kovanen
I want to thank you for the wonderful and kind service that I received today. Your staff was friendly and professional. I especially appreciate the Doctor's willingness to spend time to listen and to give advice. This was a much better level of medical care than what we have in America.

Thanks again!
A loyal patient
Bangkok Thailand
Most women dont like sharing with others that theyve had any sort of enhancement procedure this is why we secretly shop around to various clinics until we find a center and doctor we feel confident with. Ive been an expat living in Bangkok, Thailand for several years. And, I admit, that I have had various enhancement procedures to help reduce the dreaded signs of aging. Like most expats, I tried the two big international hospitals, as well as the high-end cosmetic enhancement centers located at places like the Emporium and Central. Personally,

I was never impressed with the service, price or results from any of these centers to become a loyal patient. Finally a friend shared her secret and recommended that I try Bangkok Laser Surgery. I am grateful for her recommendation, and have never been happier.

The doctor, nurses and receptionist are warm, accommodating, and speak good English. I particularly appreciated that Dr. Setthakarn was willing to take as much time as I required for questions. I never felt rushed or pushed into considering any new procedures (unlike other cosmetic enhancement centers that push numerous packages that leave you feeling doubtful and insecure about body areas you may have never been concerned with before). Dr. Setthakarn made his assessment based off of my personal needs. Ive been a patient of Bangkok Laser Surgery now for over two years. Each time I return, I am more satisfied with the overall experience and results. For anyone considering a cosmetic procedure, I highly recommend that you stop in and meet with Dr. Setthakarn and his staff. Dr. Setthakarn is confident, compassionate, and an excellent English communicator. Hes a rare find in this ever-expanding cosmetic surgery industry. While Im still too vain to reveal my true name, I am happy to share that Im delighted with the over-all experience and results from BLC. Signed A loyal expat patient.
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